Best Scared Cats Compilation – FUNNY CATS

Generally there are two kinds of people on the world first the people who love cats or others who do not. Cat lovers are usually depicted as thoughtful, reserved...

Ghost Child Scare Prank – a healthier dose of fun and fear!!!

Name of the ghost is ample to make someone plug up with a demonstration of fear what about when someone sees it in reality. What do you think what...

Gold Digger Girl Prank- A perfect social experiment, love meter, prank all in one

Undoubtedly everyone loves a well played joke and catching laugh from a same boring routine. one correctly said that,” work whole the day & no play will make a...

Killer Clown Scare Prank

A very large number of children and adults are frightened of clowns, some to a degree that overwhelm and debilitate them. Instead of laughing or smiling, children generally start...

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