Prank – a way to get boredom away and make some fun. But when you are going to play a prank on someone and somewhere make sure everything is in its place. What’s left now is to just do it and let everyone to laze around you and clapping on your funniness and wit in your prank. But hold on – should you consider the possibility the prank could be dangerous. Generally Pranks are meant to be the physical counterpart of telling a joke; hence it’s also called by the name of a practical joke.

Just as an offensive joke can injure someone’s feelings, a bad prank can result in physical injury or lose a friend. A lot of times, a prank is not considered for its pros and downside before it’s being played, leading to staid penalty. Do a favor before hand and ask yourself these questions you play your prank.

And this is what TOP 5 PRANKS GONE WRONG! – Funny Prank Compilation in the hood! Shows! It tells that if a prank is get done without proper knowledge it can prove too harmful or even can injure someone. There are two types of people in the world one who love prank and one who does not. And one who does are quiet serious type people who does not take all the happening lightly and can beat you instantly before you told them that you are making a prank. The video has a clip of five pranks that are adequate to make the viewer happy and laugh continually. The clips are too interesting and full of fun and tell how people react with different fun situations.
So when executing the prank, it needs to be executed safely. Make sure the plan is safe and genuine for all the people and that it won’t source whatever thing to turn up poorly. So whenever you are going to do the prank socially so be prepare for the consequences. It’s a perfect compilation of funniest pranks. Must watch!!