A prank is a real-life action, a practical joke. By make prank you can make fool someone into a small calamity, and after it’s all said and done, and after that everyone have a good laugh over it. It’s a proscribed form of impose minor calamity that can aid in hostility depression. ! A life that has no fun is like sitting throughout a month’s or even week’s worth of Days of Our Lives reruns – tiresome, boring, tiresome. In point of fact, it’s akin to sitting all the way through a week’s worth of new Days of Our Lives episodes — still boring. However nowadays, work seems to be the higher priority all overriding for many populaces, with fun a far-away after consideration. If someone asks, “What’s new?” and your only response besides “nothing” is “milk”, it’s a sure sign life’s become a little boring, bland and could use a vigorous dose of fun. A prank can even help lessen anger if it is directed at somebody who has made us angry. There is no greater sense of approval than that accomplish by hauling out a good prank.

The SHAMPOO PRANK is a perfect prank!! it is revolves around a handsome guy who making a prank on the girls in bikini who are taking shower by using shampoo and make them being stuck into wash off the shampoo from the hairs. Its so enjoyable that he comes pour the shampoo on the girl’s hair and how she poor girl tries to rinse the shampoo off from the hairs. When they get to know that someone is playing prank with her the expression they gives are totally priceless. The videos shows us that how by use little everyday use things and in few time we can change a regular schedule and boring time into a happiest and memorable one. By make this type of prank when we memorize in the future time it will depart a little smile on the face and makes us smiling.

If you can pull off a good prank, you’re doing yourself and the person you’ve tricked a favor. A good prank is controlled tragedy becoming comedy.  Try it!