In old times there was a country somewhere where it was general rule that public would change their king after every year. Everyone who becomes new king has to sign on an agreement that after one year he will resign from his kingship and will be left in a remote island. There he will be doing nothing but waiting for death. The island was so remote so it was impossible to come back from there.

Whenever a king completed his one year tenure, he was dressed well and while sitting on an elephant he has to make his final round throughout the country. He has to goodbye the public in this round. That were always very sad moments for king as he knows he will be the meal for animals in coming days. After that round the king was then left in that remote island.

Once when people were coming back after leaving their old king at island, they saw a ship which was devastated. Near that was a young man who was striving for his life. As they were looking for a new king so they offered young boy if he is willing to be king. The young boy has no other option than agreeing to what they offered. People saved his life and the man came with them to their country. Minister informed him about all rules and regulations, his duties and aims and in the end he also has to sign that agreement of being dumped in the remote island. The young man was thinking about his future.

At the 3rd day of his kingship, the new king asked his Minister that he want to visit that remote island. Minister arranged for the trip and new king was there in 1-2 days. The remote island was fully covered with forest and dangerous animals were all there. He also saw skeletons of previous kings which clearly showed that was going to take place with him also. He knew he too will be the meal of animals soon or later.

After coming back from trip he gathered a team of hundred strong labors. He ordered them to clean the whole forest and also kill each and every dangerous animal from there. During first month every harmful animal was killed and in next step forest was cleaned from unwanted trees. The king himself was supervising the whole progress on monthly basis. After the end of second month he ordered them to plant beautiful plants and gardens on island. He too came with domestic animals like hen, goat, cow, ducks etc.

At every passing month the remote island was turning into a beautiful city. He ordered them to build a beautiful palace and also a seaport so ships can come and go from there. The king was wearing normal clothes and spent very less on him. All what he earned, he invested that on the remote island. It was as soon as 10th month when the island was ready and King suggested his Minister that he should go there by now. Minister politely replied “No” and that “according to agreement you are king for a year, not less no more”.

At last remaining two months passed and there was day when was wearing beautiful clothes and sitting on elephant; it was his final trip. People noticed that this king is very happy unlike previous ones which were always sad at this moment.

Moral Paragraph:

When asked by someone for the reason behind this happiness, the King replied:

While everyone was busy spending their tenure and enjoying luxuries, I was working on making my next home beautiful. When everyone was spending on their present, I was investing on my future. That is the reason they were crying on their last day and am happy, because I know am going to a better place.”