Do you want burn 150 calories a day? Yes, it is possible without hitting the gym floor. Just bang your head against the wall. Sounds shocking, but proved. Try it out.

Are you scared of spiders? You are suffering from arachnophobia. But you are not scared of fun, right? Then, you are not suffering from cherophobia.

An interesting aspect about spiders it that they cannot fly.

When someone tickles you with feathers, how do you feel? Probably irritated or amused. If you are scared of getting tickled by feathers, then this fear is known as pteronophobia.

How much time do you spend on checking updates, posting status, sharing photos and videos or just chatting on Facebook messenger? Well, if the time spent is more than required, then you are suffering from a mental disorder known as Facebook Addiction Disorder.

Do you like watching promotional movie trailers before the actual movie begins? Well, though those are shown before the movie currently, in the earlier days, the trailers were shown after the movie. Hence, they derived the name ‘trailers.’

Do you dream when you are snoring? People are not aware but while snoring, one doesn’t dream. Hence, snoring refers to a person in a dreamless sleep.