Living in the 21st Century, we find ourselves facing major challenges as a global community. One of the most serious of these is the pollution of our islands. We must stop the madness now! We have to find workable solutions right away, stop being unconcerned and blind to our barefaced disregard for our beautiful life giving oceans. As individuals, we must take liability by taking action. Education is the first step to change. Our islands are the lungs of the planet. If we do not act now, WE will not survive. That’s what this video represents!!

The whole video is revolved around A tiny, uninhabited piece of land in the South Pacific Ocean, called Henderson Island, is considered one of the most remote islands in the world. But now, researchers say it has grossed a much more irritating new title: the world’s most polluted island. The island is so remote that it is only visited every five to ten years for research purposes, but its location makes it a focal point for garbage carried from South America or dump by fishing boats, said by researchers. During the most recent scientific expedition to the island led by the British nature conservation charity RSPB, found the beaches littered by up to 671 items per square meter, the highest density ever recorded. Our ocean is a massive, almost endless, body of life.

This gives viewers a lesson that Small changes can be made in our habits as individuals and also as a Global Community. Such as: reprocess or recycle plastic, glass, paper, and aluminum, proper disposal of engine oils and toxic chemicals, limiting water usage, and reduction of the use of plastic. It is non bio-degradable. Plastic does not break down, it photo-degrades, which means it breaks into millions of tiny pieces over several years, these bits are called plastic polymers. This plastic, in large portions like bottles, or in infinitesimal bits like Styrofoam, will destroy island’s prosperity as we know it. Our beautiful earth is just crumbling before our eyes, while we blatantly ignore the consequences. With such a big prize at stake, isn’t it time to take the inventiveness?