A prank is also known by the name of gag, jape and a practical joke is a naughty trick that is played on someone and in a prank the victim finds out or is let in on. Typically pranks are reversible, lighthearted, and made to make people feel stupid and others laugh. A prank is different form joke because a good joke can make someone laugh to a certain limit, and it is therapeutic. But jokes are not as influential as pranks. A joke is just a story that someone tells to make fun but a prank is a real-life action.

Presently there are a number of pranks witch if performed creatively can be proved quite interesting. There is no selected location for the pranks it can happen to anywhere, anytime and to anyone. One may abruptly find themselves fall prey to some twisted person’s bad sense of humor. And this clip is an appropriate example of all that contains fun, fear, and laugh all at a place. It is a collection of funniest, most unbelievable, greatest clips-pranks, funny moments and more. This video tells by little clips how one can break the peace and sadness of someone into a exciting laughing. What you thing what to will do if there is a scary face and loud cries on the screen while you are engage in watching your favorite show, daily soap or any movie. It will undoubtedly make your face red with fear and makes you cry. The prank a part of it that I like most is how a man in dress of whale makes two beautiful ladies cries.

The video tells us how with a small tragedy after it said and done and after that have a good laugh over in within some minutes the time of sadness and calmness get converts into happiest one. There is no better sense of contentment than that attain by hauling out a good prank. Must watch!!!