BATHROOM PRANK PART – A Perfect Dose of Fun!!

Pranks, the practical joke can turn your boring schedule into a happiest and remarkable one no matters whether it’s covering up someone’s car with toilet paper or draw off a “fake pregnancy test prank”, reaping the advantages of it is previously in the sack. Holidays, parties, gatherings, celebrations and events are made incredible by all the opulent meals, great giveaways, but what transforms them into something unique is the bond. The laughter and the amusement brought about by a prank will definitely make each event engraved in everyone’s brain. Even watching a video of a practical after several days, months or years will still make everyone’s faces smile, making you smile with pride.

BATHROOM PRANK is revolves around handsome guy who has Nutella box and is on toilet seat  and asked people to give some toilet paper and when they did he rubbed Nutella on their hand making them think it’s poop. Presently there are a number of pranks witch if performed artistically can be proved pretty interesting. This shows that there is no selected location for the pranks it can happen to anywhere, anytime and to anyone. One may abruptly find themselves fall badly anger to some persons and react bad, use cheap words and after they get know it’s a prank how they start laugh. It’s worth seen that how smartly the boy performed, asked people to help and did action. The excitement is very well continues till end. Too good and gives a blast of laugh on the face of the viewer.

Hope you will enjoy the video. The scenes of video are extremely eye catchy and smoothly magnify the attraction of the viewer. It naturally swings the mood of the viewer from boringness to the happiness. It’s a perfect prank, Social experiment and bathroom prank. If one start seeing cannot stop seeing till end. Truly it’s a perfect and healthier blend of fun and love. Must Watch!! So what are you waiting for watch video and expose different reaction of people on this funniest practical activity and dispense laugh all around you.