Well, there is another money option you probably have never heard of and this may sound a little crazy. You know how the real estate works and how that business is handled buying a home and eventually you’ll sell it for a higher price and when the market goes up or when somebody is requesting that a specific type of home you sell it for your price, the same is done with the domains. If you don’t know what the domains are, their website is named. For example: www.gohome.com that’s a domain. If you have that domain in your ownership and somebody might want it, they will request it, you can sell it for as much as you like depending on how badly that person wants it.
If you are a smart, talented name creator. You can create the names that somebody may be looking for in a couple years, names that are needed for something unique, somebody may be looking for that. Also, please keep in mind that you have to buy the ones that are cheap so your investment is not that high and then you can sell it at a reasonable price, to the person that is requesting it. So now is time go ahead and see this type of business that some people are taking it to a full scale try it out yourself.