A very large number of children and adults are frightened of clowns, some to a degree that overwhelm and debilitate them. Instead of laughing or smiling, children generally start crying when a clown appears close to them.

Even many adults become frozen with fear when clowns move toward. But I Reckon everyone loves to see the Killer Clown 6 Scare Prank because it’s incredible and full of mysteries. Every character of the Killer Clown 6 Scare Prank played their very well. The scenes are very eye catchy. It naturally swings the mood of the viewer like at moment one is badly scared and start laugh at the next moment.

The pranks scene is different and all are performed in a different and professional manner. The clown hides. The clowns conceal in a petroleum station, which used to be rent to the team for a couple of hours, and wait for a woman to discover a bloodied actor on the ground. Fright Dome actors were used for pranks, including a man pretending to be dead on the ground of a petroleum station. Most of the tricks have been recognizable as the costumes, Melee weapons and simulated murder.

The suspense creates when she does she screams in panic and the three clowns come up from their positions and barricade her inside as one in all them asks: ‘could I support you?’
The pranksters, who carry Melee weapons, shut in on the terrified lady who backs away and runs into the corner of the shop at the same time pleading for her lifestyles. Other pranks in the clip include charging at a person within the hallway of the Circus inn and chasing after humans in a car park.

Other pranks in the clip saw the clowns charging at a man in the hallway of the Circus hotel. In one scene from the video the clowns stop two men in an alleyway while inside a police car and ask them to get down on their knees. After the filming of his most recent Las Vegas prank, Mateo explained that he got together with the victims and had a good laugh. Overall the clip was too interesting and full of mysteries. Must watch!!!!