Love is painful, sweet, pure and dreadful at the same time. Our lives depend on love because this is the thing that we strive for and we mourn on the loss of it. Whenever you heard the word love, you picture a couple holding hands and you might picture yourself falling in love with the person of your dreams. But there are many biological and interesting facts behind all of this. Falling in love can be exciting but the facts behind love is even more exciting. Let us present you some of the most interesting facts about love which will explain this all absorbing phenomenon.

It takes four minutes to decide:

We often hear that love is complicated but psychology and science disagrees with it. It only takes four minutes to decide whether you like someone or not. Which means that you have only four minutes to create an impression. But you can’t control it with your body language, speed of your voice and its tone. Unfortunately, there are many other things involved in it.

When lovers gaze each other, their heart rates synchronize:

Ever heard about two hearts and beat? Some of the researchers agrees with this phenomenon. This is because that studies have shown that when a couple or lover see directly in to each other eyes for three minutes their heart rate synchronizes. You can say that it is because of the bond between them but science have a different perspective about it.

Love can be addictive as nicotine:

If this is not bizarre for you then I don’t know what is. When you fall in love your brain gets affected and a sensation of euphoria triggers in it. This is basically a chemical that releases during the first stage of your relationship. The same chemical gets activated when you use  nicotine. Basically, this chemical is associated with pleasure and happiness and that is why this is so addicting. Now you can choose between nicotine and love as your addiction.

Cuddle is a natural painkiller:

If you are in love then you don’t have to spend much on painkillers. Cuddle your soul mate and you will get rid of pain. There is a hormone in human’s body called oxytocin that appears in the brain, testicles and ovaries. These are all the organs that gets involved in the bonding process. When you cuddle, this hormone gets activated and according to researches, even a small dosage of oxytocin is enough to get rid of headaches. The hormone can get the pain away from your body within four hours. That is why it worth cuddling your partner.

A picture of your lover can relieve pain:

A picture speaks a thousand words but for lovers it can work wonders. This is proved that a picture of your beloved one can make you happy. When you love someone then seeing a picture of him or her can give you a significant mood swing. So, whenever you feel sad or depressed, see the picture of your soul mate and believe me it will make you feel better.

Couples with similarities won’t last long:

By this, we don’t mean in bed, but in relation. We know that opposite attracts and it is a psychological fact that there is a significant pattern in how people choose their soul mate. Basically, they are interested in a person who shares a level of attractiveness. This makes them socially desirable. We are not talking about the physical similarities here. There shouldn’t be too much common or too much difference between both. There should be a balance so that both of them can learn something from each other.