The GagMad Project  – 201703

Income, SEO and Traffic stat reports.

Every month I will share my income report which details exactly how I developing, improving and earning money with

Google Analitics Monthly Traffic Stat

from march 16:


Current Seo Stats
MOZ stats: PA: 18 DA: 9
Similarweb Global Rank: #19,876,683
Alexa: 8,444,141
Facebook Followers: 941

Display Advertising: 11$

Hosting and Domain: 15$
SSL Cost: 100$
Facebook Ads: 50$
Google Adwords: 100$
Freelancer Writers: 200$

Total Costs: 465$

The main goals of the current and next months:
build facebook fan page
publish weekly 3 articles

I plan to share everything that I have made with to help beginners.

Issues: Google Adwords Ban, because Clicksor advertising / monetization code, contained malware code. I removed the code and Google lifted the ban.

Blog Monetization: Google Adsense.

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