Are you bored of gifting your loved ones clichéd gifts that include flowers, chocolates and perfumes? Are you looking for gifts that do not dig a hole in your pocket and do justice to the price? Well, there exists a solution right around the corner. If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves gardening or would love to see plants growing in their house, a Hydrofarm Germination Station can be the best gift.

A hydrofarm is an indoor mini-farm that can be set inside your house- without the need of soil and sunlight. Plants are grown in trays containing mineral nutrient solutions in water, without soil. An arrangement for artificial light is provided as a substitute for sunlight.

Ideal for cuttings, seedlings, flowers and plants, it comes in the form of jumpstart systems that are easy to install and all you need for the setup is a screw driver and a bit of common sense.

There are several reasons why people think of growing herbs and vegetables in their own homes. The lack of sufficient varieties of plants and the high cost of quality plants is one concern that leads people into thinking of growing plants themselves. Then there are those who cherish gardening and wish to expand their interests. In any case- a hydrofarm proves to be the best viable option available out there.

In less than a week you can see that your purchase is justified. It’s an even better idea if you are new to gardening and trying to fuel your initial interest.

You can grow ‘starting seedlings’ in the hydrofarm and later transplant them outdoors or move them into a cold frame post their growth of a few inches.

The hydrofarm includes an Artificial Light System that is levered with a pulley thus making it adjustable vertically.

The second element is a plastic Base Tray for laying down the nutrient solutions and planting the seeds. Beneath the base tray is a Heating Element designed to provide optimum temperature for the seedlings to grow.

The base tray is aerated well and proper flow of water is ensured to make sure that the seedlings receive appropriate circulation of air and water. Since this is a closed system, the water utilized can be conserved thereby leading to a lesser requirement of water. Similarly the pesticides and nutrients aren’t wasted away, as they won’t get drained uselessly in the atmosphere.

Several factors controlling plant growth can be adjusted including humidity, intensity of light and amount of nutrients.

Hydrofarm is good for growing a wide range of plants including cherries, tomatoes, strawberries, herbs and lettuce. Plants such as lettuce begin growing shoots in less than 48 hours and by end of 4 weeks you can pluck the leaves and use them to make your sandwich!

The healthily and happily standing plants will give a cheerful look to any home.

So if your loved one’s birthday is just round the corner or if you are looking forward to say a ‘Thank You’ to one of your endearing colleagues, order a Hydrofarm now!