Choosing the right life partner can be very challenging. Especially when you are a woman, it gets even harder. Women are more selective than men. They consider a lot of things before they let a man get into their life. Women mostly want to see themselves and their kids living a comfortable life so unlike men, there are other things they prefer over looks. But it doesn’t mean they completely overlook the appearance. They want good genes for their kids, of course. So women have two conflicting instincts when choosing men. Whether to go with someone with good genes or someone who is stable enough to provide for the family throughout. Several features that women consider while choosing a male include:


It is one of the key things women judge before selecting a man. Women mostly go for men with higher status for plenty of reasons. In a workplace, women are more likely have an affair with men in a higher position rather than men in subordinate positions. The status of the man they choose somehow affects their status and their kids’ status too. When women want stronger sons, they marry stronger men. A son of a politician is more likely to become a politician. Also, who doesn’t enjoy status in this world? If you want to attract more women, improve your social status and prove yourself above average.


Women can be really materialistic while choosing a partner. But it is a universal fact that the world works on money. Money even brings you power and authority. So we cannot say women are wrong for this. Women want a man who can make them feel secure. Money is a kind of security. It assures a good future of them and their kids. With money you can buy the world. Everyone wants to have better living conditions and provide their kids with best education and all the luxuries available in the world. So having money improves your prospects of getting the woman you want.


Love is a major factor that influences the choice of a partner. Women like wealthy men and their display of wealth but in most cases, money fails to beat love. Women like wealthy men for all the luxuries they can provide them in the world, but when it comes to a simple choice of money vs love, women mostly go with their most basic instinct and choose love.

Looks, height and strength:

These factors are also important but not as much as above mentioned ones. Women prefer tall, athletic, hunk type men for marriage. A nice face and body is aesthetically pleasing and it also assures you that your kids are going to inherit fine genes. Women prefer men who are much stronger and taller than them since it gives you a sense of protection.


The age of their significant is very important to women. But it mostly varies from woman to woman and in what age group she is. Women prefer men who are older than them. On an average, women prefer men with an age difference of four years. The logic behind this is that older men are more emotionally mature and financially stable. But some women also go for men within the same age group and even younger.

Communication skills:

Women are immensely impressed by a man’s communication skills. If a man is good at talking, women are more likely to fall in love. Polite men are definitely a turn on.

Emotional connection and understanding:

Women are emotional creatures. They want to be understood and appreciated. If they have good emotional connection and understanding with their partners, the odds of them both marrying increase a great deal.