Talent is hard to find and there’s actually people out there looking for people with your talent for you to sell it to them.  Whether your talent is composing music or writes articles, short stories and books or anything for that matter, there is someone out there to buy it. At this time you may not be successful at it by yourself, you’re just gaining experience. But if you sell it forward to someone else, they’re going to use it and they have the power to use it for many things, right away. What you are doing is just gaining experience and experience is key in this sector. When you sell your product to somebody big.
Let’s say you write a novel and you take it to a printing company or to an editor, they’re going to question you, like: how did you gain experience and what better to have that prove from previous work. It may not be your copyright, but you did it you are the creator. So, why not having that experience and at the same time earn money for that work. I’m doing that today and I have learned so much more in the last few months that I’ve been doing this type of work. I love to write poems, I love to write stories, and I love to be heard. So, I encourage you to access Google at this time and search for online jobs you will find an endless list of jobs available for you.