It’s a fact that trying something new is always a bit difficult for many people, do you know why? Most of times the fear makes a house in our brain! Do not you think we should learn and try new things through doing ne activities or through participating in different activities? Sometimes you even do not have idea that the scene you create will make sense or be funny or may be the character you choose may vibrate the audience so you should keep trying and put yourself out there. Don’t get worried because worries has a way of tuck our style. Unwanted or extreme worry makes us evade convinced activities, opportunity, or experiences that may good for us, fun or important towards career progress. Just imagine the prospects are waiting for you if you would just need to try! And that’s what glowing hot knife vs. car tire! Represents.

Glowing hot knife vs. car tire! Is not only an experiment it’s an entertainment. The video revolves around a boy who does an experiment with the glowing knife with tires. Surprised! A red hot knife versus a rubber car tire? Really yes it is. The test is very interesting and gives surprising results. The things that he uses in the whole experiment are a lemon, a knife, rubber tire, support tire and two torch and mix tape. The video represent a very interesting test, glowing hot knife and a rubber tires. What you think could anything go wrong with test? As soon as the Glowing knife touches the tire it produces a flame and it becomes adequate a make a cut in the tire. He did this with number of tires. And as the video disclose the results that are surprising one and us guys did not expect that.

If one start seeing going to have to watch till the end to find out with full of interest and excitement! The whole video represents an experiment with full of entertainment. must watch!!