Love letters are a way lovers use all around the world to express their love for opposite gender. These letters are full of love and emotions and even sometimes over emotion. We live in an era where no one does anything without profit. People prefer things that will benefit them on long term basis. Love is a pure feeling. Just for a while imagine if someday it also gets polluted with mean feelings.

Below is a funny example of how future love letters will look like.

Boy writing Love letter

Dearest girl:

Am feeling immense pleasure to inform you that I’ve fallen in love with you. The tragedy occurred on Tuesday, the 14th of February 19, 2017 commonly known as Valentine’s Day. You must be imagining who am I, lets introduce myself first. I met you that day at quarter past 3 prime meridian. Let me say it, I have fall in love with you. Initially this contract will be on probation for the initial period of 3 months, which could be converted to permanent if needed. Once probation period is completed, I’ll give you regular classes on relationships so as to control post marital problems. Once you successfully complete this training, you will be promoted from lover to spouse. Initially the expenses incurred for coffee and entertainment will be shared equally. After successful completion of your training and good performance, I might offer certain discount by taking larger expense of shares. It is kindly requested to respond within prescribed period of 30 days, otherwise this offer will be considered cancelled automatically. This is an agreement letter and after 30 days it will end itself. Last but not the least, please convey this message to your sister too if she is willing. Keep in mind you are my first priority.

Thanking you in advanced.

Yours sincerely,

A Modern Lover

Girl in Reply to Modern Love Letter

Dear Boy:

In response to your letter I received today. Am feeling pleased to inform you that I am interested in your proposal. However there are certain terms and conditions of which you had to pay special attention. If you are Ok with these kindly inform me in first priority. You should satisfy me first that you are in true love with me. True love means you are willing to help me financially in all matters. The offers you described were basic in nature, you have not described anything special. These are things nowadays every second boy is offering me, I need something special. Due to the nature of my position, am sure you will not hesitate for arranging an expense account for me. In addition, I also need housing and transport allowances before marriage. If you can arrange for a luxury car and a bungalow then am ok with your offer, but if you had any problem kindly inform me as soon as there are many other letters placed on my table. Someone somewhere might be interested in fulfilling these necessities. Also note that I should not be abide by any restrictions. Kindly reply urgently if you are still willing. Last but not the least, my sister is happily employed and is taking much more than I demanded from you.

Thanking you for your interest.

Yours perhaps,

A Modern Girl.