Love the song born This Way? Lady Gaga wrote it in just 10 minutes. Next time you listen, be a little surprised.

Let us know some of the phobias of our favourite celebrities.

Nicki Minaj suffers from acrophobia, fear of heights.

Johnny Depp is scared of clowns and spiders.

Orlando Broom suffers from swinophobia, fear of pigs.

Tobey Maguire, our own Spiderman, also suffers from acrophobia. This is the height of fears!

Sylvester Stallone worked as a lion cage cleaner before starring in Rocky.

Tom Cruise aimed to be a priest before moving to Hollywood.

Rowan Atkinson, The Bean Starrer, has a master’s degree in electrical engineering and Dolph Lundgren has a master’s degree in chemical engineering.

You must have watched many films and TV shows in which he died on screen. Well, as per statistical records, he has died in more than 25 films and TV shows.

Every actor and actress has an agent to check incoming projects and report back to their celebrity Boss. However, Bill Murray hasn’t employed an agent yet. Some people have criticized saying that Murray lost many significant roles due to non-hiring of an agent. However, in practice, Bill Murray outperforms other actors. It is very easy to contact him. You need to leave a voicemail message on his mobile number. If he likes the project, he will get back to you. Hey, are you ‘Googling’ his number? We have tried many times but unfortunately, it’s not on the internet.

Ronald Reagan was 40th President of USA. But before that, he was an actor in Hollywood. In 1960, Reagan auditioned for the role of a President in a play names “The Best Man.” Just imagine, he was rejected by the producers with a reason that he didn’t have the grace and looks of a US President!

Jim Carrey, a really fine actor has never received nomination for his outstanding films. It is true that he has won the Golden Globe awards many time but he has never been nominated for the Oscars in his life till date. And Jim Carrey has never left a stone unturned to make fun on multiple occasions.