Flamingos are the wading bird found in the family of Phoenicopteridae. They are pink in color and are found mainly in parts of America. They have long legs, with backward bending knees and very long curvy necks. Flamingos are usually 4 to 5 feet tall and have a body density of about 4-8 pounds.

Flamingos get their pink color from the kind of diet (i.e. brine shrimp) they take and also because of ingesting an organic pigment, which is known as Carotenoid.

However, there are many false facts surrounding Flamingos and one of the most important ones amongst them is the idea of flamingo’s eggs having pink egg yolks and pink outer shell.

Various researches have been conducted in order to determine the reality of the eggs laid down by the flamingos. Many experts also tried to figure out the actual reality behind this concept of flamingo having everything pink in color. However, all of them reached a conclusion, that just because Flamingo eats brine shrimps and has a pink color does not mean that whatever it produces and whatever exists inside their body will be pink. Flamingo eggs are quite similar to the normal egg yolks.

Food for thought that if flamingo egg yolk was pink in color, then how come the babies of flamingo are white in color when they are born. Flamingo gradually based on its diet and the pigment Carotenoid changes its color from white to pink. Even the beaks of the baby flamingos are straight and they begin to curve as they grow up.