Content creation freelancer’s price comparison.

Freelancer  vs Fiverr vs SeoClerks price and quality comparison with real examples.

Price comparison
Freelancer average price 25 – 30 usd (min offered price was 15 usd)
Fiverr average price 5 – 10 usd (min offered price was 5 usd)
Seoclerks average price 3 – 6 usd (min offered price was 1 usd)

Length comparison
Freelancer was 1800 words –> example
Fiverr was 550 words –> example
Seoclerks was 200 words –> example

Quality comparison
Freelancer was super, long and viral, but price was too high.
Fiver sent me the best article for a good price.
Seoclerks delivered me an extra cheap and useful aricle. Current winner is Seoclerks.

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