Are you a pet lover? Do you have a pet cat at home? You know that like us human beings animals also experience stress also and cats become stressed by awkward happenings. No doubts cats are sweet, lovely, amiable and self-regulating by nature, there are some situations which are traumatic to them. Have you ever discover what happens to you dearest cat or kitten when you put a cucumber in the wake of a cat? She started showing signs of stress like their tails become full, scratch on the furniture, constant urinating in places other than their litter box, overeating, bad temper, continual meowing, bedding, eating of plants, unusual behaviour, frantic running around and biting. This is all that the video tells about.
This video revolves around the cats how they react with different situations. Cats are undeniably too cute and especially their expression the way they glaze at someone. The way they eat, the way they walk and many more then what about the way they when they scare irrefutably they looks too cute. Cats jump into the air, battle for safety or ready themselves for battle in video where owner creep up at the back of them and place the salad item nearby. And Surprisingly Cats are scared of Cucumbers. All you have to do is place a cucumber behind a cat while they eat, and wait for them to notice. It happens every time, without fail. They don’t see it at first, and then suddenly… CUCUMBER!!!! Run for your lives! Sometimes, the cats are a little bra and jump into air and get ready for a fight! It seems that, there’s a little buried deep within the nature of all cats that cause them to dread at the sight of an astonishing cucumber. 

If one start seeing going to have to watch till the end to find out with full of interest and excitement! Enjoy these scared and afraid kitties and cats. Must watch!!