For everyone who puts auto safety as a main concern when it comes to purchasing new cars and trucks should understand that certain models perform in a different way in a crash. Learn what the new auto safety information is will help each and every person looking for purchase a safe vehicle. New vehicles are safer than vehicles in the past, however; their crash worthiness varies by individual models even in the same vehicle class. And this is what this video represents!!

This video revolves around crash between two cars of same model. On the basis of ANCAP safety rating that is between 1 to 5 stars signifying the level of safety they offer in the event of a crash. The more stars, the healthier the vehicle performed in ANCAP tests. There are dummies on driver seat during the crash test. These dummies are not so dumb, but are highly classy models. These dummy models are made to make it potential for scientists to observe which body parts risk harm in an auto wreck, then record the impact force as well as velocity. It represents how the advancement in technology can beware someone from a dangerous accident. It clearly shows who after sense danger the air bag in the car get bloom and save someone from harmful injuries. Good air bags, less compression in the cabin of the car spells safety for the car’s occupants. Crash Tests help bring traffic deaths down and help car buyers.

There would definitely be more deaths and damage to vehicles without the use of tests. Before purchasing a car makes sure you inquire about their crash test ratings. It’s very obvious why safety is definitely the biggest concern with most buyers. Toyota has been developing safety technologies by using a Driving Simulator. Their technologies will continue to extend toward the goal of making each and every one of their vehicles safe for everyone.