What do Batman, and Tutankhamen along with Zorro all have in like manner? Yes, you have guessed right, they all wore masks. It is no hidden fact that masks have been used as an accessory from ancient times. Not only do they look super cool but pretty amazing and super-heroish type. And c’mon we all have that desire to have super hero skills and do all those crazy things we have thought of at some point in life. Indeed, even today, wearing masks is not only practiced but at some places it is used as a part of ritual for a special occasion. The most widely recognized festival in which the mask ritual is consistent to date is for is the Halloween, which is celebrated every year on October 31.

Halloween costume hunt is a frenzy, because to come up with something creative for the Halloween and then to find the right accessories on time is a daunting and time consuming job. Because the main goal for a Halloween costume is not only to look beastly but different and separate from others. So, in this case, a unique mask can help you in standing out form the rest. The fun thing about masks is that they are of so many types and shapes that it becomes difficult to decide on which one to pick. As, Halloween is not all about Trick or Treat, it allows for parties and fun adventures with friends, family and loved ones as well. Wearing a mask will permits you to express a piece of your identity that you generally stow away or stifle.

The tradition of wearing masks is not new, as we see super heroes, most of them including superman, spider man, batman etc. wear masks. Another way of looking at it is that wearing masks will conceal your true identity, (if however, you master in changing the tone of your voice to deceive them and secure yourself from being caught) and you can enjoy cracking puns and jokes and making awesome Halloween pranks which will be remembered for ages among your friends and family.

No doubt, masks give us flexibility. An opportunity to have a ton of fun and misbehave. To tease those who have teased us over the whole year and let them have their fair share of mischiefs. Now, coming to the main question, what mask should be on your list for Halloween this year or presumably any event if you are in mood of a little bit mischief and fun. Because, let’s be honest, having a good prank and getting that bewildered look in the eyes of people can be so satisfying at times. So, today we introduce you to a very different kind of mask, it has been around for a while but still doesn’t fail to be the subject of many pranks, internet memes and live jokes-the Accoutrements horse head mask.

This mask is available from the official retailer from Amazon for $31.99. This mask is consists of a horse/stallion head which is made up of latex. It was manufactured as a unique Halloween costume but quickly became an internet sensation in the recent years. This particular mask was first manufactured by curiosity purveyor Archie McPhee, and is now available from different retailers due to its widespread popularity. The mask is intended to be worn over the whole head of a person so it comes in different sizes for different head type. This mask is intended to be interesting, stunning, incomprehensible, or hip, or to mask one’s personality.

McPhee claims “a man wearing a Horse Head Mask looks absolute irritating” and the mask in its essence “has turned into an overall wonder “

Some of the key features of this mask are:

  1. It is made up of Latex
  1. It is Imported
  1. It is a Great discussion piece
  1. It is made of top Quality material
  1. It ensures you to Be the life of the gathering

Stay away from fake copies by buying the original one from official retailers. Search for the Accouterments tag on the cover to guarantee it’s the genuine article.