Who doesn’t love fizzy drinks? Especially when it is Coca Cola! It has become a staple for billions of people around the globe. From accompanying your meals to accompanying your late night snack, it never leaves you alone. You consume Coca Cola every day but I can bet not many of you people know these fun facts about Coca Cola:

  1. A can of regular coke when immersed in water sinks while that of diet coke floats.

  2. If you evaporate both regular coke and diet coke on separate stoves, only sugar will be left at the end of regular coke while diet coke will completely evaporate because of no sugar content.

  3. Coca Cola sold only two bottles the year it started its business.

  4. Coca Cola originally contained alcohol in its formula but it was later eliminated.

  5. Someone once tried to sell of Coca Cola’s secret ingredients to Pepsi but Pepsi refused and instead reported the incident to Coca Cola and FBI.

  6. Coca leaves, an ingredient used in the manufacturing of Coca Cola are imported from Peru.

  7. During the WWll, the owner of Coca Cola ordered to distribute free Coca Cola to every American soldier offering his services regardless of the fact that what it cost to the company.

  8. In 2012, Coca Cola installed a vending machine in a university in Singapore that would give free Coca Cola if the machine was hugged.

  9. Though Coca Cola is more widely consumed than Pepsi but still Pepsi earns more because Pepsi mostly gets its revenue from non carbonated products such as juices.

  10. Coca Cola is less sweet than Pepsi.

  11. Coca Cola is sold in more than 200 countries.

  12. Coca Cola offers a very wide variety of drinks so if you consume one drink per day, it will take you nine years to try all the drinks.

  13. The red and white label of Coca Cola is recognized by about 94% of world’s population.

  14. More than 10,000 soft drinks by Coca Cola are consumed by the people around the world every second.

  15. Coca Cola was originally launched as a nerve tonic to calm down exhausted people. One of the very first advertisements by Coca Cola read ‘tired then drink.’

  16. The initial products of Coca Cola contained cocaine although in a negligible amount. About 9 milligrams per glass.

  17. Cuba and North Korea are only countries where Coca Cola is not sold.

  18. The worth of Coca Cola is $83.5 billion. It is more than Budweiser, Pepsi, Subway and KFC combined.

  19. The Coca Cola company claims that its name is second most recognized word in the world, the first one being ok.

  20. Mexico consumes the largest amount of coke in the world. On an average, a Mexican drinks around 750 cans of coke per year while an American only drinks 401.

  21. Coca Cola claims to have invented the concept of coupons to get the free products. Back in the day it used to distribute coupons that would let the user have free drink. The immense popularity of Coca Cola can be attributed to this marketing tactic.

  22. Coca Cola is responsible for inventing the current widely used image of Santa Claus. An artist painted that image in one of Coca Cola’s Christmas advertisements and it went viral.

  23. Coca Cola is the first soft drink to have gone to the space. In 1985, the astronauts drank coke from its space can on a space shuttle.

  24. Coca Cola claims that the perfect temperature to serve the drink ranges from 34 to 38 degree Fahrenheit.