Girls are very different from boys and it is always tough to understand what they like or expect. When a new video game can make a boy over-joyous, a girl might not be happy even after winning a lottery! Yeah! Girls, they are complicated. You never know when a small gesture of you can piss them off.

It’s always an important issue for boys to decide what questions to ask from a girl on a date, specially the first date. Nobody wants to sound like a loser by talking lame and pissing the girl off. Besides, everyone wants to leave a good impression on the girls they talk to.

Talking on dates or meet ups is not always easy. Specially when both have different backgrounds and interests, it gets tough to keep the conversation going. It sometimes becomes a nerve-wrecking experience, some lame questions in pursuit to keep the conversation going, followed by awkward silences.

Your conversation decides the direction in which your relationship with a girl can turn. Here, your questions matter a lot and being the guy, you are expected to keep the game going. So in order to leave a good impression on a girl, you must be able to make a good conversation. Girls expect the boys to drive the conversation on first date and if you fail at it, it certainly is a disappointment for girls.

No matter if its first date or one of the many meetings, it’s a well-known fact that girls love funny guys! Imagine your girl laughing and blushing on your funny questions, is not that awesome? She would really love the experience and would want to have it again and again. This is why, we have compiled a list of funny questions that are foolproof. These questions have capacity to make your conversation lit. You guys can give them a go on your dates and can thank us later! Have a look:

1. Would you call yourself a naughty or a serious person? (This question is interesting and would really help you understand what should be the limit of you being funny.)

2. What’s the funniest thing you have done in your life?

3. If the world could read your mind, what do you think they would hear from you?

4. What is the funniest joke you know? (It will get you both laughing.)

5. What would you do to my hair if you were a hairdresser? (Girls love to advise guys about their haircuts and notice hairstyles a lot.)

6. Would you prefer to be dumb and beautiful or smart and ugly?

7. Do you prefer hot over smart when it is about guys?

8. What is the funniest thing you love about guys?

9. If you could become invisible, who would you tease?

10. What is your weirdest fantasy that gets you laughing?

11. What is the funniest nickname you ever had?

12. Did you ever think of hitting on the boyfriend of the girl you hate?

13. What fictional characters do you think you and I are like?

14. What was the weirdest punishment that you were given in childhood?

15. Have you ever spied on someone just out of curiosity?

16. What is the funniest password you ever had?

17. What was your funniest email ID?

18. Would you prefer a candlelight dinner or a funny movie at cinema?

19. On a scale of zero to hundred, how funny do you think I am?

20. What was the weirdest prank you did to someone and what was the result of it?