Hedgehogs are cute little animals with spiky backs. They might look scary to some people because of the spikes but they are very innocent and harmless generally. There are seventeen different species of hedgehogs and with only minor differences between them that we generally don’t even pick.

Hedgehogs are a loveable animal. Their bright eyes and snout makes them look cute. They hibernate like a boss and love berries. People also pet hedgehogs. It is difficult to get your hedgehog attached to you and it requires lots of attention and care. Yes, hedgehogs like being pampered and once they start liking you, they become your friends. If they don’t like you, they roll up in a tiny cute ball with their quills in all directions. This is what they do for their protection when they don’t feel safe with you. This is cute, no?

Here are a few interesting and funny facts about hedgehogs that you will certainly enjoy, no matter if you are a hedgehog lover or not.

1. Hedgehogs like to party at night, just like you. They like to sleep all day and wake up at night, hence nocturnal animal. Good for them that they don’t have to go to an office in morning.

2. Like humans shed milk teeth and grow new ones, hedgehogs shed their spines. The baby hedgehogs usually shed their spines and then grow the new ones. The process is called quilling.

3. Hedgehogs might not have a very strong eyesight but they have a strong hearing and smelling sense. So if you think they wouldn’t be able to run provided weak eyesight, you are wrong. They run quite fast for their size.

4. A hedgehog has 5,000 to 6,500 spines on its body at a given time. Woah, that’s a big number!

5. Hedgehog can swim and climb too. They are more sporty than most of the humans out there!

6. The tiny ball they roll into when threatened is very hard to open. You cannot get past the spines.

7. The spines of hedgehog are actually thin hollow hair that are stiff. They do not actually belong to any spiny specie. And if you think you shave these hair like spines, don’t be mistaken. These don’t come off easily.

8. A baby hedgehog is called hoglet. Such a cute little name!

9. A group of hedgehogs is called array. However, hedgehogs like less drama so they prefer staying alone. Whenever you would see a group of hedgehogs, the purpose might be mating.

10. In New Zealand, once a political party actually tried to get a hedgehog elected into parliament. However, they failed.

11. There used to be International Hedgehog Olympic Games at one time where they used to do small sports like passing over the hurdle etc.

12. Self-anointing is a behavior that is observed in hedgehogs when they are exposed to bad smells or tastes. They rub frothy saliva on their spines.

13. Hans My Hedgehog is a tale about a boy who was born half hedgehog though it is not very well-known.

14. It is said that hedgehogs used to collect food with their quills.

15. Hedgehogs were previously called urchin and this was the inspiration to name sea urchins.

16. Snake venom is not dangerous for a hedgehog.

17. Some hedgehogs love to hibernate through the winters.

18. There is no hedgehog specie native to Australia or US.

19. Petting a hedgehog is illegal in New York City, California, Arizona and few other places.

20. The quills of a hedgehog are not poisonous. They only offer mechanical protection.